Specialty Applications

Teikoku USA Inc. offers many pump standard and optional configurations of canned motor pump technology to meet every pumping requirement with a sealless and leakproof solution. All pumps are supplied with hydraulic thrust balance and a secondary containment mechanism as standard providing optimum safety and environmental protection. Additionally, a bearing condition monitoring device is also standard equipment in all specialty designs to provide critical operating data for extended operating life. Specialty applications are numerous and can be provided in technical collaboration with users for design, QA documentation and use of ancillary equipment consistent with customer and industry standards and specifications. These designs include, but are not limited to, sealless pumping solutions for:

> High Pressure Pumps
> Submerged Pumps
> Vertical In-Line Pumps
> Lethal and Toxic Chemical Pumps

> ANSI B73.3 Sealless Pump Standard for the Chemical Process Industries

> API 685 Sealless Pump Standard for Refining & Petrochemical Industries Pumps

> Continuous Monitoring
> Liquid Gas/Cryogenic Pumps
> High Melt Point Liquids Pumps
> Temperature Cycling
> Alkylation Units Pumps
> Special Materials
> Fuming Acids Pumps