Canned Motor Advantages

Safety Meets Efficiency

The ever-increasing demand for environmental safety at a reasonable cost presents a unique challenge to the Process Industries: find and utilize equipment that, while operating leak-free, performs reliably and efficiently. Canned motor pumps designed and manufactured by Teikoku and Chempump meet and exceed this challenge.

Besides inherent double containment for total fluid control, canned motor pumps offer many remarkable operating, maintenance and performance advantages. Designed to enable long periods of time between pre-planned maintenance intervals, these pumps have a minimum of components that need to be monitored and serviced. Costly alignment procedures or external lubrication are never required. And, because they are sealless, all canned motor pumps eliminate required dynamic seal adjustments and maintenance as well as the demands of complicated and maintenance intensive seal support systems.

Canned Motor Pumps: True secondary containment, reliable operation, cost-efficiency...and continuing concern and commitment to the environment in every design.

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