Global Teikoku Group

Teikoku Electric Mfg. Co., Ltd., listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange in February of 2005, is the world's largest supplier of sealless, canned motor pumps with over 400,000 units installed worldwide and operating, leak-free, with high reliability and secondary containment in the most demanding applications in the process industries. Teikoku and its subsidiaries operate manufacturing, service and sales facilities in Japan, the People's Republic of China and the USA along with sales offices in Germany, Taiwan and Singapore to support the manufacture, sales and service of the most complete line of sealless pumps in the industry.

Teikoku Electric Mfg. Co., Ltd Japanese home page can be accessed at http://www.teikokudenki.co.jp/Eng_index.html

Teikoku USA/Chempump

Teikoku USA Inc is a subsidiary of Teikoku Electric Mfg. Co., Ltd of Japan and a member of the Teikoku Group of global companies. In 2003, Teikoku USA Inc acquired the Chempump Division of Crane Co. to enhance the company's global strategy for the Western Hemisphere by bringing established canned motor pump manufacturing and service capabilities to the USA operation.

Teikoku USA Inc is headquartered in Warminster, PA, where product management, application engineering, manufacturing and servicing of products are available to support the Teikoku product line. Texas operations, including pump and parts services, are handled at Teikoku USA's Houston facility. Standard Chempump products are manufactured, serviced and supported in Belmont, WV. Highly engineered and Nuclear pumps are also manufactured in Warminster, PA. Both Teikoku and Chempump products can be serviced, with engineering support, in either of these manufacturing facilities.